Beautiful Japan: Sapporo, my love

As the title says, I fell in love with Sapporo. To be honest while traveling north I always kind of missed Tokyo and didn’t look forward to reaching Hokkaido’s biggest city. But oh, when we did! It was love at first sight!

I think I got attached to it because it’s roughly the same size as my hometown, rather small and somehow more welcoming and safe than huge cities such as Tokyo. It’s a lot harder to get lost and a lot easier to find your way around due to it’s street structure (blocks like in New York). All in all a clumsy people (me) friendly city!

In the picture above you can see the back of the Sapporo station. I found the starry clock on the building very beautiful.

If I can remember correctly these pictures were taken in the park close to Sapporo’s City Hall. Look how beautiful the lotuses are!

A really interesting thing about Sapporo is its underground mall. Me and my cousin had to wander a bit before finding it, but when we did I also stumbled upon the first Liz Lisa shop! I bought two beautiful dresses and a jacked and I fell in love with the shop staff’s style. There I discovered gyaru.


Here is the entrance on a typical Japanese shopping street. Narrow, cluttered with all kinds of shops and people, a mess. A beautiful mess, that is.

Thank you for reading! Have a beautiful day <3

Written by Patricia Blaj