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How my white bunny turned black

Since my birthday is right in the middle of summer, when everyone’s gone on holiday, my birthday party was lacking quite a few friends and even though I was surrounded only by people I care about, I couldn’t help but be a little sad about others not making it. My beloved P and E noticed and did something about it: they told me they were going to get more drinks (which seemed stupid at the moment since we couldn’t possibly finish all the drinks we already had since we were a dozen people) and one hour later they came home with a new friend, a baby bunny.

I’ve always loved bunnies so I was thrilled, but also a little bit scared since I’ve had pets before and I must shamefully admit that I was not the greatest pet owner. But now I’m nineteen, I grew up, I can take on this responsibility, right? A few days passed, we bought him proper food, a big cage and also was lucky enough to experience being peed on by a bunny (not nice).

One evening, as we were looking at it play around the cage we realized that in a few months even that one will be too small for him (he grows up to 7 kilos) and a bigger one is way over our budget and won’t really fit anywhere in my apartment when I’ll move out in September. After a long night of cuddles and goodbyes we took Flufflepuff/Olaf (his name wasn’t decided yet) back to his family and took Chuck home. Chuck is an adorable bunny that stays tiny  forever (he’s half the size of Olaf/Flufflepuff) and the cage is like a palace for him. His fur is black and it’s also the softest thing you’ve ever touched.

We’ve barely had tiny Chuck for one week but we’ve already been through some adventures with him, most of them not exactly exciting nor fun, but more of that in my next bunny post.




Necklace worn as headpiece: DIANA FLORE 


Down the rabbit hole

Down the rabbit hole

Down the rabbit hole

Down the rabbit hole

Down the rabbit hole

Down the rabbit hole

Down the rabbit hole

Down the rabbit hole

Down the rabbit hole

Down the rabbit hole

Down the rabbit hole

Down the rabbit hole

Down the rabbit hole

Photos: Emil Costruț

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August 13, 2014

Patricia Blaj


  1. Reply

    Maria Leal

    September 27, 2014

    Lovely post, Patricia! I absolutely love bunnies and always wanted to have one, but one more pet and my house will explode! hahahahahha

  2. Reply

    Nida Does Beauty

    September 5, 2014

    I love the whole look and the bunny just looks so cute! Great photography, and happy belated birthday!

    Nida |

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    August 11, 2014

    The pictures came out so nice, you look really good, that dress is nicely shaped. I also love the fact the necklace is used as a headpiece.

  4. Reply


    August 11, 2014

    You look absolutely amazing, love dress, hair and the bunny, so sweet :) The blue lips are perfect xx

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    August 10, 2014

    Nice post! Such a cute bunny and that dress is beautiful

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